Bereavement Boxes

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Moving Away Box

An expertly-packed box full of goodies, treats, and special items like a nightlight, an address book, a beautiful garden stone and much more to help kids cope with moving to a new place.




Divorce Comfort Box

This box is specially packed for children who are coping with the divorce of their parents. Includes 2 nightlights, 2 toothbrushes, Sweet Dreams pillow spray, a Ready-to-Go bag and much more.




Goodbye Box

This box is filled with comforting gifts to help saying goodbye to a teacher, a nanny, or any favorite person: a photo album, a feelings journal, a peace lily and much more.


Military Box Plain.jpg

Military Deployment Box

A special care package for a loved one at home who misses their hero. Includes an electronic votive candle, postcards, stamps, a journal, a calendar and much more.


Foster Kid Box

Moving from house to house without a secure home can be the most difficult time for a child. The Foster Kid box includes special goodies like a getting-ready mirror, a go bag, and a sweet dreams elixir so every pillow smells like home.



Pet Loss Box

The loss of a pet can be very difficult, for kids, guardians and friends. This box contains a special keepsake jar, a slate heart with paint pen, forget-me-not seeds and much more.



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Death of a Family Member Box

Losing a family member can be hard for children to understand. This box is filled with things to help them memorialize their loved one, like a sky lantern, a flag to decorate and much more.



Death of a Friend or Sibling Box

This box includes expertly-selected items to help cope with the loss of a friend or sibling, like a special bedside light, angel wings, a feelings journal, a picture album and much more.



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Death of a Parent Box

The loss of a parent is a great tragedy and can be even more devastating for kids. This box is filled with comforting gifts like a photo album, a feelings journal, a peace lily and much more.



Warrior Kid Box.jpg

Warrior Kid Box

Kids can have a hard time dealing with the illness of a loved one. This box is filled with healing goodies like a focusing band, a feel better kit, and a custom pillow case to color.



The Lighter Side

Bye Bye Binkie Box

Saying goodbye to a favorite pacifier can be traumatic for a child. Help them feel better with a bounty of goodies as well as a special beanie baby binkie bearer.



Suddenly Sibling Box

Getting a new sibling is a huge change in a child's life. Help them cope and celebrate with a box of cool things like a helper apron with paint markers and pockets full of goodies.