Kidolences boxes are care packages filled with psychologist-selected
keepsakes and goodies to help kids cope with change.

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Who We Are 

Dr. Emily McClatchey is a psychologist and mother of three young children in Cambridge, MA. She has spent many years working with kids: in schools; in the Peace Corps; through the National Child Traumatic Stress Network; and as a child and family therapist.

About Our Boxes

Adults experiencing loss are frequently comforted in many ways, but children are often marginalized. The Kidolences boxes are carefully curated according to psychological research and are designed to meet the unique needs of children in times of loss and grief. 

Children & Loss 

Adults typically respond two ways to a child's loss: either total silence because they are concerned they could upset the child further, or fawning sentimentality that may comfort the adult, but can confuse a kid who doesn't know how to express what they are feeling.


Wondering if a Kidolences box is right for your situation? Read some stories from our wonderful customers and recipients. 

Book Reviews

Read Dr. McClatchey's recommendations for healing books that can become valuable parts of a child's life and wellbeing. Many times a great book can answer difficult questions that are hard to answer ourselves.

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